January 4, 2011:    AHDH is back from its 50th Medical Mission
Installation of a Doctor and Nurse at Hospital St. Joseph in La Vallee de Jacmel
Targeting Cholera in La Vallee de Jacmel & Port-au-Prince

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The first words to come to mind after a long month of deep pain, from the time we left Haiti on Nov.
Relief !  Relief !  and Pride for the strong stand from AHDH's supporters

When we were leaving Haiti on November 28 it was, as some of you may remember, with our hearts
on crutches, as there was no staff replacement after us and more and more cholera patients were
coming our way.

With HIS inspiration, we readily launched a fund raising effort to hire an MD, and RN, and take
charge of the 4 rarely remunerated CNAs. Your response to our plea was just an overwhelming

Fribourg, Switzerland: the Ridores
New Orleans, LA: Xavier University, Unitarian Church, patients, Imani Temple,
our many loyal supporters, WDSU, etc.
Crowley, LA: the Jouberts, the Michaels
Lafayette: Dr. R. J. Belizaire & colleagues, Dr. M. Harrington
Baton Rouge, LA: Dr. E. Colins
Ponchatoula, LA;
New York, NY: Dr. M.L. D. Roche
San Diego, CA: HTCF, Dr Carolle

You have all the reasons in the world to be proud:

Upon leaving Haiti this time, that 3 year old girl rushed to us (whose grandmother died 2 weeks
earlier from cholera in her village), fell into a Hospital St. Joseph which is well structured
Cholera Treatment Center)
, well staffed (photo # 2), well supplied. Thanks, Plenty International.  
and Lloyd Remedies, Thibodaux, LA.

We will not offend our mature audience with distressing photos (we keep them in our archives) but for
your education, we will share with you
photo #3, a typical cot used for the crisis. Our thanks go here
also to MSF (Medecins Sans Frontieres) who joined our efforts, by providing them.

                                       After our compound in La Vallee de Jacmel, Yvelyne and her
                                       brother Serge took our efforts to Riviere Froide, an impoverished
                                       community in the mountains of Port-au-Prince.  AHDH donated
                                       $2,500 to each of three schools and a youth organization called
                                       MEJHAM (Mouvement Elargi des Jeunes pour une Haiti Meilleure).

                                       MEJHA’s mission is to support programs in health, reforestation and
                                       education in Riviere Froide. The funds were spent on tuition payments
                                       for students previously unable to attend and to provide uniforms, school
                                       materials and furnish a meeting space.

An inauguration of the site was held on January 4 when the schools,
MEJHAM and AHDH President Dr. Yvelyne Germain-McCarthy
met there to report on the usage of the AHDH funds.

                                          We are working on encouraging a small clinic run by
                                          a nurse to be more efficient in providing the first line
                                          response  ( IV fluids)  to those affected  by cholera.  
                                          Relieved ! Relieved !  That our people won't die for
                                          need of a few bags of  IV fluid costing less than $30.

As we are preparing for our Winter 2011 Medical Mission, our 51st, from February 25 through
March 10, 2011, it is such a relief to know that we have a well consolidated campus able to care
for our less fortunate brethren there.

Million Thanks to all of you again who responded, and to those who will keep their promises,
as we have some more miles to cover, but we are on our way to  making a difference in the
lives of those we are called to help

Again, Blessings and life's best to you and yours for 2011.

Our just acquired lot in a
combined effort of AHDH
and the Fribourg Group
AHDH President, Yvelyne Germain-McCarthy, PhD
and Charles Rene, MD (right rear), with Walkens
Desir, MD and Ms. M. Larochelle, RN (left) and
Brad Nelson who assembled the Cholera cart
Cots donated by
Medecins Sans Frontieres
(Doctors Without Borders)
Three principals and
MEJHAM members
MEJHAM and AHDH President,
Yvelyne Germain-McCarthy
In Port au Prince Dr McCarthy delivers cholera
medicine donated by AHDH, Plenty International,
Xavier University and University of New Orleans
Dr. Rene delivered a healthy baby girl
Doctor Desir’s first patient -
an 83 year old woman whom
he treated for a broken arm
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