51st Mission Volunteers
Chantal & Serge Rene
Zishan, Nicole, Arshi, Anika Michael
& Carl Vincent
Amelia, Roger & Ritha Belizaire
John Travis Reed & Philippe Vidrine
Suzan & Nicole LeRouge
51st Mission Families
Sandra, Charles & Regine Rene
We all arrived in Port au Prince just after noon on Feb 25th and loaded
up for the charter flight to Jacmel. Then we drove the 13 kilometers into
the mountains to Ridore, LaVallee de Jacmel and Hospital St. Joseph
The first order of business, as usual, is to organize
central supply and the various clinic areas
Atlanta resident & volunteer Jacques Lamothe,
a Valleen, and his mother from Au Tuff
Word of our arrival was announced on radio and at the churches and people
came in large numbers every day to receive much needed health care.
The photos of the 51st mission are from
volunteer photographer Jeane La Rance
With so many people relying on us, the real work began:
300+ eye exams & 200 eyeglasses dispensed
175 dental patients
6 Cataract repairs and several minor eye surgeries
17 general surgeries, including the first elective general anesthesia
case, a partial thyroidectomy
Numerous Internal Medicine, Pediatric, OB & Gyn patients, PAP
smears, conizations, biopsies
50+ ultrasound exams
EKG, hypertension & diabetic screenings, phlebotomy, and education
for the resident staff
The Eye Clinic
Carol Aune, Optometrist, Gary St. Armand, Suzan LeRouge
Eye Surgery
Dr. Anika Michael & Dr. Reynold Monsanto
Dr. Zishan Michael & Dr. Philippe Vidrine
Dr. Roger Belizaire, Dr. Ritha Belizaire, Dr Marie May Louis-Fils, Dr. Charles Rene

Dr. Arshi Michael, Dr. Ricardo Michel, CRNA Danise Pierre

Surgical Nurses
Surgical Mardoscheca Jean Pierre,  Circulator Sandra Rene
Dr. Nicole Vincent Michael
Internal Medicine & Cardiology
Dr. Andre Amy
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Dr. Charles Rene
Mary Alice De Coursey, CNM
Nursing Staff
Nevela Allen, Amelia Belizaire, Mary Fauberte Fontaine
Nicole LeRouge, Jeanette Jean Pierre
Technical Staff
Mike Beauford, Ultrasound
John Travis Reed, EKG, Phlebotomy
George Laurent, Rob Sharp, Jacques Lamothe, Engineers
Our work is demanding, but familiar to us. For our patients it is a strange and often
frightening ordeal, and they trust us with their health and their lives. Seeing the
results of our work and the joy it brings to those we help makes the long hours and
hard work worthwhile, and beckons us all to return again and again.

< First elective general
anesthesia patient (thyroid)

Uri and his father visit again
(perforated bowel from typhoid)
Much of our work in LaVallee entails more than health care. This trip we had
the honor and pleasure to be ambassadors for the
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
and deliver clean water in reusable 5 gallon bottles for 175 families.
The story of this gift may be seen
You may recall this from our 50th mission report:

"When we were leaving Haiti on November 28 it was, as some of you may remember,
with our hearts on crutches, as there was no staff replacement after us and more and
more cholera patients were coming our way."

By the Grace of God and the generous support from our many friends around the world
and in New Orleans, we are thrilled to report that St. Joseph Hospital and the people of
LaVallee de Jacmel will be left in the capable hands of a full time staff physician and
registered nurse: Dr. Walkens Desir and Emerson Pierre, RN.

Dr. Desir comes from Cange in the Plateau Central, and Nurse Pierre is a graduate of
FSIL, in Leogane with whom we have had a long and successful association.

The Cholera epidemic continues to be a problem, and some patients come to us having  
contracted the disease locally. But we are now prepared with an isolated treatment area
housed on our newly acquired property and a staff ready to care for them.
Having completed our work for this 51st Mission, we prepare to leave Haiti
and return to our homes. Before leaving, we will take time for fellowship and
reflection on what we have accomplished and what it means to each of us.
There are no strangers at our banquet table; we are all joined by the spirit of
sharing and filled with expectation of the next mission.  
We never really say goodbye - just "A la prochaine" - "Until next time"
and "Si Dieu veut" - "If God wishes"
To participate in an AHDH mission, please contact AHDH
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Dr. Walkens Desir
New Hospital Property  ---  New Clinics & Field Hospital Area for Rapid Crisis Response
Jacques         George         Rob
  Words cannot express our gratitude for your outstanding support !!

And such support is indispensable to take our mission to the next challenges ahead, namely:

1) The completion of the laboratory on the second floor, with adequate equipment
2) An x-ray system with digital reading capability and mammography
3) The outpatient clinic system
                       February 25th through March 13th 2011  

The AHDH family as of February 25th numbers 238
volunteers. The 51st Mission demonstrates just how
real our family is. Of the 27 volunteers this mission,
15 comprise family teams.
March 18, 2011                                                                                                        
Dear Members, Volunteers and Friends of AHDH,

Your AHDH, through the loving actions of its blessed 30 plus volunteers, just completed
its 51st medical and educational mission to Haiti, from Feb. 25 thru March 13, 2011.
With most legitimate pride we can say: Mission accomplished, and beyond !

Some significant Grandes Premieres..
-First thyroidectomy in that whole province;
-First general anesthesia in that county;
-First time internet service to the high school with a few laptops
(more needed, please send us your retiring laptops)

Besides large distribution of drinkable water in reusable 5 gallons bottles to 175 families
(Thanks Delta Sigma Theta sorority) with water purifying tablets (Thanks Plenty International).

While we continued to keep under control the few cases of cholera still showing up, and
providing routine preventative and elective medical and surgical services in the diverse  
fields of ophtalmology (cataract), optometry (glasses), dentistry (with hygenienist training),
general surgery (hernia, tumors, breast), Ob-gyn (delivery, sterilization), Pediatrics,
Internal Medicine with EKG testings, ultrasound imaging etc.

If the  number of volunteers already signed up by now (31) for our Summer 2011 Medical/
Educational Mission (June 24 thru July 10, to be split into 2 teams, June 24 thru July 3, and July
2 thru July 10) is any indication, we have all the reasons to remain optimistic that those obstacles
will be overcome, on HIS time..

With our heartfelt thanks to all of you who had to sacrifice so much for the success of our 51st
mission, and, as we mentioned at our last diner, good Ambassadorship beside those still hesitant
to invest their talents (Mat. 25:14), as we can use all the help they can offer and in most
unexpected area
(we badly need an electrical engineer and a biomed technician).

Now, enjoy, below, the illustrated narrative so dedicatedly put together by Mike and Jeane
(Thanks fervent warriors)


(Charles Rene, M.D.; F.A.C.O.G.
Clinical Associate Professor,Ob-Gyn Dept.,Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
Co-founder, Past-President,
Treasurer, Coordinator of Projects in Haiti
Association Haïtienne de Développement Humain, Inc.(AHDH, Inc)
P.O. Box 2883; La Place , LA 70069
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